Parent Testimonials

"The college application process is a daunting one. SAT's, ACT's, high school resumes, essays, deadlines, early action, early decision...the list goes on! Deb has been a lifesaver for us and our daughter. She got to know our daughter beyond her resume. She wants the best for each of her students and their different needs. She is organized by nature and kept us on top of everything. We did not miss a deadline and we were fully prepared for each requirement. Deb loves to research and experience as much as possible so she visits many campuses each year. Her advice comes from a thorough and detailed assessment of the applicant and their college interests. She goes above and beyond the deadlines to find a place for her students that are truly a fit and one that will last well beyond the acceptance!"

~Kathy --- daughter at University of Virginia

"Our son, came to Mrs. Groves a bit late in the game. We got started late in his Junior year and we were very nervous. At our first meeting she put us completely at ease and helped calm the panic! But, she was also very realistic with us about the work ahead and the timelines that we needed to meet. She helped keep our son on track, organized and more importantly motivated and encouraged about his strengths. Mrs G., as her students call her, hit just the right balance of accountability and encouragement and took all the fighting and nagging about deadlines and due dates out of our hands and dealt directly with our son which was so helpful. Perhaps the two best things Mrs. G did for our son was first and foremost, she helped him to see his own strengths and weaknesses and make a realistic plan. And second, and most important, she let him know that she was his champion and believed in him and wanted the best for him. We have made a friend for life and that is a very good thing. I was also very impressed with the way Mrs. G worked with other students and families we know. Each one of us had what our child needed tailored specifically to us. There was no cookie cutter method - as I compared note, Mrs. G worked with each child in the exact way that THEY needed and not according to formula she used for every child. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with both the college selection process as well as the application process."

~Reenie and Kent, son attending UT Austin Fall 2015

Without Deb’s guidance and constant vigilance and support (for both our daughter and her parents!). I’m not sure my daughter would be getting ready to enter UT Austin right now. Deb helped with “college knowledge” research and helped with developing her college list, which was invaluable. She also set up a timetable, structured meeting times, and magically had our daughter writing essays and delivering them on time. Our daughter was ready to send out most of her applications in early September at the start of a very hectic and busy senior year. What a godsend it was to have Deb’s professional expertise and “teen whisperer” skills throughout the confusing college app process! Worth. Every. Dollar. Thank you, Deb!

~Kathy, daughter attending UT Austin Fall 2015

I want to send you an overdue THANK YOU. You and your services have been invaluable to our daughter and our family the past year. I cannot say enough how it has changed and helped with her college admission, selection and finally acceptance to UT. You provided her and us the valuable guidance from your experience, the discipline that she needs to navigate through the college admission process and insights and advices that she needs to be ready for college. It is more than just the service that you provided. You truly care for each one of them and sincerely want to see them to succeed. For me personally, it meant a lot. With your help with our daughter through the college admission process, it allows her and I to spend more time on building on the "softer/emotional" side while she is growing up and she will be on her own in the fall. This Senior year has been a turning point for my relationship with our daughter where we have become much closer and able to enjoy her last year vs. having to be on her case about college admission. For that, I want to thank you to help both us to get where we are now...a positive, closer mother/daughter relationship.

I'm proud of our daughter. I hope that she takes what we taught her and continue to succeed in college.

~MyHong, daughter attending UT Austin Fall 2015

Hello Mrs. G,

I cannot thank you enough for helping my daughter with her college journey. She has come so far since our first visit. When she got the news that UT had admitted her, we were blown away. We are so proud of our daughter. I’m sure she is just as proud and relieved that she will be going to a great school…

~Ray, daughter attending UT Austin Fall 2015

Student Testimonials

Dear Mrs. G,

Thank you so much for taking me on as a client last summer and helping me realize the dreams I thought were fantasies. Not only did you help me formulate my application to get me into one of my dream schools, you actually helped me become accepted to two and that left me with the hardest decision I’ve ever faced. From there, your advice to go visit both schools again was the last piece in showing me where my heart lied and I am so grateful. You are my Superman, you helped me grasp at what I felt were impossible feats but ended up in my lap. I will remember your tutelage forever and can’t wait to give you updates on how great Georgia Tech is next year! Thank you so much and Go Jackets!

Grant, attending Georgia Tech Fall 2015

At the beginning of the college application process, I was referred to Mrs. Groves to assist me in applying to the Naval Academy and specific universities around the nation that provided an NROTC program. She was a tremendous help in organizing all of the information for each school and worked with me to highlight specific attributes that would help set me apart in the applications, the essays, and the interviews. She is extremely knowledgeable about every school, academy, and their specific deadlines and criteria for admissions. Additionally, she goes above and beyond to help you step by step through this process, and she is always very optimistic, yet realistic about your collegiate pursuits. I always felt very comfortable when working with her, and it was a pleasure each and every time we met. This fall, I will be attending UCLA on full scholarship through NROTC, and I know Mrs. Groves and all of her services played a huge role in making this dream possible.

~Garrett, attending UCLA Fall 2015

Dear Mrs. G,

Thank you for a wonderful year. Your advice and friendship has meant the world to me.

~Connor, attending SMU Fall 2015

Mrs. G,

I’d also like to thank you for your guidance in the college application process. Who would have thought a year ago that I’d go to my dream school and be over the moon about it? Certainly not me. So thank you, for helping make that happen!

~Surya, attending Bowdoin College Fall 2015

Mrs. G,

Thank you so much for all the help with my college applications. I was so overwhelmed to start with and you answered all of my questions. Best of luck with the next batch of crazy high schoolers! I am confident that you will get them exactly where they need to be!

~Isabel, attending Texas A&M Fall 2015

Dear Mrs. G,

I also appreciate your guidance these past few years. Couldn’t have done it without you!

~Will, attending Ole’ Miss Fall 2015

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