Many people try to use College Board Members, Senators, Congressmen or other important people to write recommendations on their children’s behalves.  Most of these letters are form letter like with some benign reference of recommending your child to that school.    Sadly, these hold little value for the College Admissions staffs.  While most of these come across as nice letters, there is no real first hand knowledge of the student that they are writing about.  Recommendations really need to come from teachers or people who know your child.  Because you have no control over what these people will write about your child, you really want to choose that teacher or person who has some long term history with your child or good knowledge of your child in a class.  Admissions offices look at these recommendations as another opportunity to really get beyond the application to know a student and to determine if they are a “right fit” for their college. (read more great information)

(read more great information)