Young people today use the social media to make all kinds of statements or to post all kinds of pictures to let their friends know what is happening in their lives.  Guess who else might be checking these – College Admissions Staff members!  Make sure your son or daughter has tight restrictions on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.  They need to be extremely cautious as to what pictures and comments they post.  Also, Google your child’s name to see what comes up.  While undergraduate college admissions staffs don’t always have the time to check these out, Graduate and Professional Schools most often do.  If a student is on the bubble of being accepted or not accepted, an admissions staff member may choose to Google the student’s name or see if they can access their Facebook account to assist in determining the student’s character.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  I was with a group of students recently that was celebrating their MCAT scores.  They were going to take a picture with a bottle of champagne.  I mentioned that I had just attended a seminar on Graduate and Professional School Admissions.  The comment from these staff members indicated that they check Facebook accounts of their admissions applicants.  An applicant is automatically not considered if they are seen in photographs with a bottle of any type of alcohol.  It was amazing how quick that bottle got put away.  In addition, all of the students ran to their computers to tighten their restrictions and to remove questionable photographs.  Wise decision on their parts as it can sometimes make a big difference in acceptance or denial in your college, grad school or professional school of choice.