Ghostwriters might be ok for celebrities, but definitely not allowed for your student’s college essays.  Biggest hint for college admissions is do not write your student’s college essay!  The first thing the admissions readers look for in your student’s essay is authenticity.  They can usually spot an essay that has not been written by the student or has had too many people involved in the process.  Their first clue is the comparison to your student’s SAT or ACT writing sample.  It is also important to note that your student will sign a pledge at the end of their college application indicating that all the essay work is their own and that the information provided is true.  If it becomes clear that the essay was not written by the student, the application is no longer considered.  Admissions staffs will tell you they want to hear your child’s own voice in their essays.  As one admissions person put it, “Let them be themselves!”