Your student’s level of interest matters to the College Admissions staffs.  That interest can be shown through college tours, college over night stays, college class visits, interviews with the college admissions rep of your area, interviews with college alums, and email question exchanges with admissions staff members.  Level of interest can also be determined by the admissions office when your student opens emails from their school or when they have visited the school’s website.  Most, if not all schools keep track of your student’s interest.  I remember when my oldest daughter was applying to Davidson College.  We were told they keep a file on your child once they fill out an information card.  It was noted in her file every time my daughter would contact the admissions rep, go to the campus, stay at the campus or show up at the school’s information night in our hometown.  Admissions staff members will tell you that if it comes down to two similar students for admissions acceptance, the one who has expressed the most interest in the school will more often than not gain admission.  In my daughter’s case, she got into Davidson College!  I don’t know what the tipping point was for her admission acceptance, but I can say that we did everything possible to let them know of her interest.  I tell my clients to make a point of signing in every time they visit a school, try to get an interview or meet the admissions representative who covers our area, check out the website often, and show up at any college fairs or in town information sessions.  Let the school you are interested in know who you are!