“Working with Deb was the best decision in the world. We are true believers in letting our children guide us with loving boundaries and providing them with a ton of opportunities. When it came time for us to work together as a family to find the best matches for college for each of our children at the same time we knew we were not the right people to guide them through it. In stepped Deb with the same attitude of guidance. Our twins are very different and had different needs throughout the entire process. Deb was able to not only identify those needs but also support them each as an individual.

We knew in our heads what the best type of school was for each of our children. We allowed our children and Deb to work through the process and they came to the same conclusions, happy parents!

At 11:30 at night when my children were writing their college essays they would be texting in their phones. I would lovingly say, ‘get off your phone and get it done’ and always got back in return, ‘its okay mom it's Mrs. G’!”

Dana and David

“I would just like for you to know how much your guidance during this process meant to our family. Going through this was much more stressful than I ever imagined. From the beginning, going through the list of colleges and having your expertise and years of experience to assist was invaluable. As it came time to get the essays done, you were so helpful to my son, something we never could have done together without lots of stress. You were also amazing with me, the stressed out, crying mom, who just wants the best for her son! As the letters started coming in, it was so nice of you to come over and spend the extra time with my son to make sure he was thinking about all his options. Hearing the words from you was just the perspective that he needed to take the family drama out of the picture. Ultimately, his choice was his, but not without lots of support by you to help him reach it. I am already starting to think about this process with my 8th grader and will definitely take advantage of your help again. Not that I am looking forward to doing this all over again, but my comfort level with you will make the process much easier. My only regret is that I didn’t know about you earlier!! Thanks again for all your support.”


"You are a saint! We just had dinner and our daughter filled us in on her perspective which is completely in sync with everything you relayed. Thank you so much for your careful and thoughtful presence with her. I think it has been so valuable for her to have your unbiased support and input. (Exactly what we had hoped for with her!) I have to say her logic on this, as well, is flawless. And we think having your help to think through all the possibilities was key. She seems to be at peace with this decision, even though she is going to "sleep on it", as we often do in our family.

We, too, have seen the growth you describe and could not be more proud of her. It is gratifying and heartwarming to read your assessment of her. We think you are 'dead on'. She is rounding out her high school experience quite well and is poised for great things. She has the drive and ability to reach high and fulfill her dreams. And, your support of her in all of this has been instrumental."

Rebecca and Russ

“You create a relationship with the students and the parents in ways that large college application organizations do not. I spoke to several of them and read their Yelp reviews. In most cases, you are dealing with a national firm that doesn’t have the connection to the local community high schools or the same investment in the kids that go to them. You provide a personalized, enthusiastic, and yet realistic approach to making a match between a student’s strengths, the college program, and financial resources. As a parent, you have walked in our shoes and it is evident in the relationships you create and the resources you have to offer. One last thing that was very impressive—your quick turnaround and responsiveness to our queries throughout the entire process and your connections to admission professionals nationally, and local financial resources.

Our son accepted admission at Carnegie Mellon University this morning. We are thrilled with his choice. I looked back at your initial analysis and CMU was a dream school, so it happens. You may not know his father is half Scot and his great grandfather came over from the Orkney Islands and Glasgow as a young adult. Yes there is Scottish blood in our boy. Many thanks for all your support and your great idea to include CMU in our son’s application list.”


“Deb is a breath of fresh air! Her credentials as an independent educational counselor and her experience in parenting and working with students, give her the ability to genuinely connect, bring peace of mind -and even some fun- into what is a very busy and often stressful time. Her guidance, organization and knowledge were a huge asset as we navigated the highly competitive waters of college admissions. As our son pursued his dream school – The United States Military Academy - and several other choices, Deb gave calm, practical advice to both our son and to us, encouraging and also holding the line on deadlines and deliverables. She added options and perspective by really getting to know our son and introduced colleges that were not initially on his radar. She enthusiastically coached him through nomination essays and interview prep allowing him to confidently present his best. We are grateful Deb’s participation in this process taught us so much and helped our son achieve an appointment to West Point. Davis Groves Educational Services is well worth the investment and we breathed lighter knowing Deb was in our son’s corner.”

Jeannine and Denny

“Oh my, I don't know where to start to thank you for all your guidance! You know, we were warned for three years about the horrors of the college application process for the seniors, but I never thought it was going to be that bad. But they were absolutely right. Thanks to your organization and guidance, we were able to tackle the process step by step without becoming too overwhelmed along the way. I can't imagine trying to navigate the entire process on our own. And, there was always the promise of guidance and assistance from the high school, but with basically one counselor overseeing 200+ seniors, I'm so glad we didn't bank on that either. For our daughter, it was extremely helpful to have someone other than her parents that she could turn to and someone who could focus her efforts. And the giant organized notebook of everything about her selected colleges was awesome!!

Thank you again for all your efforts. We are so excited that our daughter chose UT. We truly believe that the environmental science program is the most amazing value of all the schools.”

Terry and Kevin

“Mrs. G was highly recommended to us and I hesitated to spend the money. However, she was an absolute God Send and earned triple times her charge and that was very soon into the process. Of the process, it's not clear cut – it can be a long winding road and I'll say that we are most fortunate to have had Mrs. G's expertise to navigate through and know with 100% certainty that we did it right. For my son, she walked him through endless choices of colleges, twisted and turned with fleeting moments of degree choices, college locations and even a gap year after she discovered from his testing that he had a learning disability. She did EVERYTHING!

Once choices were made, she so expertly maneuvered him through writing his many essays and kept him in line in a wonderfully gentle respectful way. For me, I found tremendous sanity in being able to be in the supportive role to my son who had hard decisions to make and needed me backing him versus nagging about deadlines and choices.

In all, most importantly, my son, is heading off to a college that we never would have known could exist in a perfect world. My son's future feels so very good to me with the decisions made that truly could not have been touched without Mrs. G. Mrs. G did the hard part so eloquently and I was given the opportunity to preserve and even strengthen the bond with my son which would have been excessively challenged without her. For me, that alone is priceless.”


“We felt you were just a perfect fit for our family. You were extremely responsive, focused on our concerns and needs and you opened up possibilities for our daughter that she had not considered before. I cannot thank you enough. I will recommend you to our friends who have children coming up the ladder in High School and we will certainly call on you when our son reaches his junior year.”


“We really enjoyed meeting you. You are a joy to work with and your wealth of knowledge and experience so invaluable. My son feels like a different person since you helped him to settle on giving HPU a shot. He seems confident in the decision and excited to move forward (which makes a mom feel lighter, too). You helped lift the weight of indecision from both of our shoulders and gave my son a new way to look at the experience.”

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