About Davis Groves Services

There are a number of reasons you might be considering working with Deborah Davis Groves to help find the "perfect college fit" for you or the student in your family. Perhaps you like the fact that she's been through this process both as a professional educational consultant and personally, with her own three children. Maybe you've heard from one of her former clients that she has an unmatched talent for organizing details, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of different universities, and clarifying the needs of both students and parents.

As important as each of these aspects is in the college selection process, the very best reason to choose Davis Groves Educational Services can be put in much simpler terms:

“It's really all about you!”

There is no perfect college choice, only the perfect fit between schools, students, and situations. Deb has the experience to know what an important personal decision this is and can often be the first truly impactful choice a young person has to make in their life. She doesn't believe in rushing things or choosing colleges based on formulas. Instead, her approach is designed to help students and their families decipher what they really want and identify the right university setting.

Deb is a Certified Educational Planner. This designation is for those professionals "who hold the highest level of competence in educational planning." Deb also has a certificate in Independent Educational Counseling and is a professional member of IECA as well as an accredited member of numerous other professional organizations. She serves on several committees for both IECA and HECA. She has worked hard to distinguish herself not only as a trusted resource, but also someone who lends a personal touch to every client relationship. She'll keep working until all of your questions are answered, and you feel absolutely confident that you have chosen the best college or university for your situation and future plans. She has a heart for her clients and has realized that this job goes far beyond just finding the “right college fit.” In many cases it is about changing lives!

If you want a College Consultant who will listen to you as well as she can explain the process and someone who provides support to both parents and students, please contact Deb at Davis Groves Educational Services for a free one-hour consultation today!

Student Testimonial

“Mrs. G made it SO easy during the supposedly “stressful” admissions process! She gave me a timeline of when each essay needed to be done and would meet with me as many times as I needed. Getting the applications and essays done was the easy part. The hardest part was waiting to hear back from the schools. I applied early decision and got into the school of my dreams. Without Mrs. G by my side helping me with everything I’m not sure it would have been possible! She’s amazing!”

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