For students needing help to find the right university

Being a young person today is so exciting, particularly if you are seriously considering a college education. As you embark upon this process, you will find it to be one of the first and greatest decisions as you begin your journey into young adulthood. The college admissions process can be overwhelming as there are so many options and colleges to consider. But my job is to listen to YOU, to discuss with YOU, to guide YOU, to encourage YOU, and to finally uncover the Right College Fit for YOU! Together we want to find the college where YOU will resonate into the person that YOU are called to be.

Student Testimonial

I can’t even begin to express my thanks for all you have done for me.  I would never have known how to apply to all of those schools without you.  Your guidance has taken me from discussing possible colleges of interest to receiving my first acceptances.  I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for you!  Thanks for all the essay editing, to-do lists and meetings.  All of this prepared me to apply and has led me to this point."


Parent Testimonial

Deb took an overwhelming process and broke it down into a step by step plan. With her guidance, our daughter was able to stay on top of all the various testing, application and admission deadlines. We would have been lost without her invaluable help."


As we considered the daunting task of finding the perfect school for our son, we were overwhelmed by the various choices.  Knowing that he had specific needs (e.g. a program for students with learning differences, a smaller environment, a desire to be close to water), we wanted to provide him with a wide, yet appropriate selection from which to choose.  However, we were unsure how to make this happen.  Deb Davis Groves really came to our rescue.  She researched the schools that met our son's needs, provided us with a long list of great opportunities, then helped us whittle it down until we could plan some very informative visits.  She was also a great motivator in the essay-writing portion of the process, and that was no easy task!  Our son is extremely happy with the well-informed choice he was able to make, and we have Deb to thank for that!"
Jacqueline and Barry

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